Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

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The shield stands for the protection and preservation of natural resources and the environment. 
  The Bo tree or the Golden Bo, represents many beliefs that the Thai people hold with reverence. The leaves stand for synthesis or the manner by which nature and the environment support human life. By synthesis is also meant the capability to restore the soil’s fertilizer, thus benefiting all living things on earth. The ground represents the relationship between the trees and the soil. Trees need the soil so that they can exist, and in return restore its fertility.

The entire symbolism speaks of intrinsic linkages in the functions carried out by related agencies, these being the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, the Royal Forest Department, the Forest Industry Organization, the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion and the Pollution Control Department. 
  The two elephants, a mother and her cub, represent wildlife and also reflect maternal love, kindness and strength. The cub is a white elephant, which suggests distinction. The representation is symbolic of the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, the Forest Industry Organization and the Zoological Park Organization. 
  The Dolphin suggests mental prowess, adaptability to the environment and continuing growth and development. The dolphin, sea and coastal area represent the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources and the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department (on marine parks). The waves represents the Department of Water Resources, the Department of Groundwater Resources, and the Wastewater Management Authority.
  The sun represents the creator of nature and all living things and suggests authority, sustainable development and a clean environment. 
  Diamonds are strong and valuable. They also suggest purity. The diamond is one of the mineral resources that represent the Department of Mineral Resources. 
  Drops of water speak of a clean natural environment. Water represents the Department of Groundwater Resources. 
  The Thai pattern represents the Thai people. 
  A further representation of the Thai people is the Thai pavilion, a square structure with four arches and a pyramidal roof. Its pointed top speaks of the wisdom and ability of the Thai people to face up to challenges. 


The two globes represent the east (of which Thailand is a part) and west. The pillars speak of the world agenda, that is, the environment, with Thailand as a major supporter of the world agenda. The globes are blue, indicating cleanliness and purity of the environment. 


  The cloth on the shield is suggestive of the care given to the world as well as to the atmosphere that protects the earth. 
  Green is a color that best represents the environment.